Here’s a shocker.

Getting into a ‘good’ school is NOT a guarantee to a fruitful education, let alone passing well.

Unless one has a strong command of ……

What is that?

Think about it.

What is the common denominator for mathematics, science, literature, geography, in fact, every subject except for the mother tongue?

You guessed it, it’s English.

Without a strong understanding and command of English, how can a student even fully grasp the concepts of the subjects?

That’s why many students are struggling with various subjects as they first have to grapple to understand the expression of the concept before they can appreciate and apply the concept itself.

What if his ability to understand the concepts in the respective subjects lie in his or her English proficiency level?

How would that help in the studies?

This is where TOEFL test comes in.


TOEFL family of assessments provides you with accurate information and meaningful feedback.

Feedbacks you need to help you confidently guide students to their next step of English Language learning journey.

Tests which are designed to:

icon_bullet_tick_v2 Accurately assess the English-language proficiency of students;

icon_bullet_tick_v2Provide a snapshot of each student’s ability in listening, reading, speaking, writing and more;

icon_bullet_tick_v2Support teaching and learning by giving information about students’ abilities in relation to a widely accepted international standard.


Backed by over 60 years of experience and expertise.

Every TOEFL test is developed based on up-to-date methods for language testing and a result of the latest research innovation.

This ensures tests that are fair, reliable and valid for their intended purpose.

As a global leader in developing, administering and scoring over 50 million test in more than 180 countries, you can be confident of TOEFL’s ability to guide students towards higher English proficiency level.

With a higher English proficiency level comes a fruitful education in any school around the world.

Find out more about the tests available.


TOEFL Primary

The TOEFL Primary tests are the first step on a student’s path to reaching his or her full potential. Ages from 8 and above.
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TOEFL Junior

TOEFL Junior

The TOEFL Junior® tests, intended for students ages 11+, provide real insight into your students’ English communication skills.
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ETS Criterion Singapore


The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation service is a web-based, instructor-led writing tool that helps students plan, write and revise their essays.
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SAT Singapore


The redesigned SAT Suite of Assessments is an integrated system designed to measure the essential ingredients for college readiness and success.
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