How AI Can Revolutionize the Human Resources Process

Artificial Intelligence or AI has completely changed the game of human resources, there is plenty of room for improvement in all kinds of HR processes thanks to AI. But how can AI revolutionize the human side of human resources? The answer to this question is varied and diverse as the process itself.

How AI Can Revolutionize the Human Resources Process

1. Improve Efficiency
There is no need for automation and a human touch to be mutually exclusive. You can still achieve unparalleled results by combining these two elements. In the recruiting process, automation’s infinite scalable efficiency levels can give each candidate a prompt correspondence regardless of the number of candidates.


2. Curtail Bias
Artificial Intelligence, along with automation are powerful enough to curtail bias through an algorithm appraisal platform with bias-free language to enhance a diverse pool of candidates. The major benefit of this algorithm appraisal platform is that it can be both audited and reprogrammed when a bias is found, a much easier process than reducing a human bias.


3. Simplify the Talent Pool
AI should not scare people in HR and talent executives as it is always being driven by people. AI is the most useful resource when it comes to simplifying the talent pool. There are several great products available that can assess the quality of the current workforce and let you make smarter choices on who is the ideal candidate to join your workforce. Although it might look costly initially, the amount of time saved can far outweigh the initial cost.


4. Communicate Each Candidate’s Status
An applicant tracking system is one of the best ways to communicate with each candidate through each stage of the hiring process so that they can remain informed about their current status. This will help to mitigate the number of calls recruiters get from each candidate inquiring about their current status. This will create a favorable experience for each candidate and they will feel secure and abreast about their recruitment status.


5. Reduce Bureaucratic Workload
Most recruitment team members are engulfed with numerous bureaucratic workload. Apart from countless hours of reviewing resumes recruiters and talent executives go through each week, there is also huge amount of workload involved in pushing each candidate through the hiring process and then track the whole process. Automating some of these workloads with the help of AI can save several hours every week.


6. Replace Repetitive Administrative Tasks
If used properly, Artificial Intelligence can be valuable enough in automating some repetitive administrative workload including sourcing resumes from candidates, interview scheduling, providing feedback, etc. This will allow recruiters and talent managers to focus on some of the tasks that AI will find it hard to replace like connecting recruiters with top talent, offering a more personalized experience during an interview, launching training and mentoring programs for new recruiters, etc.