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About Connectere
Heard of this medical blooper?

Discharge status:  “Alive but without permission.”

Perhaps something the doctors would understand BUT definitely not the patient!
And the confusion when the patient tries to claim his insurance.

Consider the above ‘miscommunication’ scenario happening in your company. How would such a mistake cost your business? 

How do you know if your staff is up to par where English communication is concerned?

Is there an easy way to know who is a better communicator in your organization? Or is there an indicator that enables you to better allocate the most competent resource where it matters?

Truly, English is the international business language. Just ask P&G, Intel, KPMG and Sony.

These international giants emphasize greatly on the staff’s ability to communicate in the English language. Any miscommunication may prove to be costly.

So what can HR use to gauge the English-Language Proficiency level of their staff, to make that crucial manpower decision?

Is there an unbiased test that gives every staff and potential candidate an equal standing in proving their English communication skills?

TOEIC – One of the world’s most recognised Engish-Language Proficiency test.

Established in March 2001, Connectere (Singapore ) Pte Ltd has been the go-to establishment for TOEIC Test, one of the world’s most recognised English-Langauge Proficiency test.

With 7 million test a year, companies rely on TOEIC test results to help them make the right HR decisions.

In line with the mission to provide good educational tools and products in Singapore, Connectere takes pride in providing sound advice and useful information for our clients.

Let’s stop any costly mistakes and get the right staff, right from the beginning.

If getting the right hire is crucial for your company, find out more with us, on how our unique and time-proven English test can help your company make the right decision.