Is Asia a good choice for an overseas education destination?

Is Asia a good choice for an overseas education destination?

When you think about pursuing your overseas education, naturally you would consider the most popular choices like the United States of America, United Kingdom, and various other prominent European universities. However, Asian universities are fast-growing in prominence due to their affordability and student-friendly environment.

Asian countries are filled with natural and cultural wonders and studying in any of these countries will not only boost your higher education profile but also help you gain valuable knowledge about that country.

So why is Asia a good choice as an overseas education destination?

1. Affordable

When you consider studying abroad, the first you will look at the affordability of that country. Expenses in Asian countries is a lot cheaper and you will get good value for your money. If you compare the expenses in Asian countries with those in the US and UK, you might be able to study an entire degree course in one year cost in the US and UK. Yet, you will still end up with some leftovers that you can spend on your accommodation or your entertainment purposes.

2. Get to Learn a New Language

Ever wanted to learn a new and totally different language than your mother tongue? Asian countries are the ideal education destination for students who want to learn a completely new language while at the same time be a part of a world-class education system. Asia is the home of Mandarin, the world’s most widely spoken language and is originated in China. India is another country where a large amount of diverse language is spoken while offering a world-class education structure.

3. Make New Friends

Another major advantage of studying overseas is you will be able to make new friends as well as a strong network of new contacts. This is an extremely crucial aspect of studying abroad because you may never know which one of these contacts can offer you the desired launchpad of your career.  Many Asian societies are friendly and hospitable. This strong network of friends that you have made during your few years of studies will be invaluable should you decide to come to the country again either for business or employment opportunities.

4. Be a Part of Diverse Cultures

Asian countries are extremely unique and diverse in culture compared to their western counterparts. Asian people respect people from other countries, punctual, and put a heavy focus on quality education. Many countries in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc have multi-cultural societies where people of various faiths and religions exists together in harmony while respecting each other’s beliefs, customs, and traditions. You will feel welcomed too.